The UDT-SEAL Association is a 501(c)(19) non-profit Veteran Service Organization whose members are made up of U.S. Navy personnel who have served or are presently serving in the Naval Special Warfare community.

Our identity

Who we are

We are a Veterans Support Organization comprised of past, present, and legacy members who have served, are presently serving or, who strive to serve in the Naval Special Warfare community. This includes Amphibious Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, OSS Maritime Division, Underwater Demolition Teams, SEAL Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team, and other Naval Special Warfare specific commands.

Why do we exist?

We exist to unite all active duty, veteran, and retired personnel who are serving, or, have served in Naval Special Warfare and to inspire and encourage service in Naval Special Warfare. Additionally, we support the health and welfare of all members and their families.

What do we provide for our membership?

  • The Membership Life Assistance Program (MLAP) was established as a means of providing members of the UDT-SEAL Association with services that positively impact the quality of their lives and that of their families. We serve as advocates providing liaison assistance in response to their needs.

  • Scholarships to dependents of veteran members who strive to pursue higher learning and help them achieve their dream of a college education. We fill the gaps where the Navy, Veteran's Affairs, and other tuition assistance programs fail to provide NSW families with scholarships for tuition-related expenses.

  • History and Heritage: For more than 49 years the UDT-SEAL Association has been charged with maintaining and passing on Naval Special Warfare's proud traditions of the "Teams". A true legacy for sure.

  • Association Chapters located throughout the United States.

  • Quarterly “Blast” magazine 




Our team

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Thank YOU for joining us in our fight to give back to the brave men who put it all on the line for our freedom.